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Did You Know?

As your young child grows our health nurse or doctor will check their growth and overall development. Its is essencially for these checks take place because the results are recorded and plots the growth of you child from born onward and shows if there is any changes in the average growth of your child.


Our Mission

It is the mission of Singida Tumaini Health Centre to provide effective, efficient and high quality medical services as outlined in the Guideline Standards for Health Facilities ( November 1996)


Singida Tumaini Health Centre is envisaged to be the best Private Urban Health Centre in Singida Municipality offering specialized outpatient and inpatient services


To improve the quality and efficiency services to patients as well as the Income-generating capacity of the Health Centre bearing in mind that the Health Centre is oriented to Health Services on profit making basis.

Our Staff

Group photo graph showing some of STHC staff

Group photo graph showing some of STHC nurses